We create custom branding tools with your logo or design, apply it to the animal, then oversee the hide recovery and tanning process.

The Branded Branding Process

The consultation

Because every project is unique, we’ll consult with you first to discuss your design goals: hide choice, tannery specifics, brand placement and density. We use our vast experience to partner with you to create great leather products, from keychains to handbags to luggage.

Creating the branding irons

After we’ve determined the ideal process, our Master Ironsmiths will create a series of branding irons, or if your project requires it, full branding plates. We test the irons on a few sample animals, to verify our calculations about hide stretching and scar tissue formation, which you can improve in person or remotely. In the meantime, our herd specialists will handpick the animals for your project.

The Branding Process

Our certified Brand Technicians apply the brand onsite at the ranch, operating from one of our Branded Branding mobile units. The brand mark or design pattern is applied many times, evenly spaced across the hide to fit your design specifications. The animals are released into back into the herd for recovery. As the tissue heals, they are carefully monitored for health and proper scar formation. We find the extra attention helps mitigate any undue stress from the branding process.

Hide Recovery

After an appropriate time for scar formation, which varies by hide type, we oversee the slaughter and hide recovery process. We take great pains to make sure the hide is in ideal shape, and the brand marks are not sliced or distorted inappropriately.

The brands create unique scar tissue.


We deliver the hides to the tannery of your choice, or one of our partner tanneries. Because Branded Branding marks are made from actual branded scar tissue, any and all tanning processes are compatible; chromium, vegetable, color dyes, embossing rollers. Only when we are satisfied will we release the finished hides to your leather workshops.

Leathergoods Construction

Because the unique marks of Branded Branding are part of the hide itself, your branded leather doesn't require any special process. Any leathergoods workshop or factory can use Branded Branding Leather, using all their available tools.