detail of finished leatehr with scar tissue
Detailed view of finished leather with scar tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Branded Branding?

Branded Branding is a patent-pending process by which we specially treat leather before the tanning process, to create a unique, exclusive look and texture for your leather products.

How is it done?

In short, we use real branding tools to create permanent scar tissue on the living hides of your choice. We repeat the brand mark hundreds of times across the hide, to match your design specifications. We shepherd these hides through the tanning process, creating truly unique leather for your branded leather goods. For more information, see our process page.

That's a lot of branding - does it hurt the animals?

Humans have been branding their livestock for thousands and thousands of years. There is some discomfort associated with the process, but the hides always recover nicely. We've updated this ancient technology to fit today's market needs, and we're proud to uphold the branding tradition.

How quickly can I get my Branded Branding leather?

Because the process must be started while the animals still have time to heal and form the desired scar tissue, most lead times are about one year. Contact us for a specific estimate:

What kind of tanning processes work?

Any and all tanning processes are compatible, because the brand mark is made from permanent scar tissue. Any tanning process (chromium, vegetable, aluminimum or even boiled) will work.

What kind of hides are available?

Currently we have contracts with ranchers that allow us to produce full cow leather, calf, kid, buffalo, horsehide, lamb, deer, ostrich, and kangaroo hides. Were still working on the technology for reptile skin branding, but we hope this will be ready by summer 2007. Our branding specialists can work with you to produce other, more esoteric types of hides as well - we relish a challenge.

Can you produce Branded Branding leather from finished hides?

Sadly, no. The animal must be alive for the brand process to work; the unique scar tissue must be formed by a living, healthy animal.

Animals branded with our process are virtually indistinguishable from afar.

Do you own the animals?

Branded Branding has contracts with ranchers throughout the US, Canada, South America, and Asia. We personally select the animals from the herd, and brand them ourselves onsite at the ranch. We do not own any animals ourselves; we only provide the service to create completely unique leather.

My brand already works with special tanneries. Can I still use them?

Of course! We can deliver the hides directly to your tanneries, and partner with them to produce the desired effect.

Im a rancher; my animals are available for Branded Branding.

Great! Get in touch at Our ranch reps will get in touch shortly.